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As a trusted advisor, we pride ourselves on delivering insightful and unbiased investment and wealth solutions, attuned to the markets and the specific needs of our clients.
Lisette Cooper, CFA, PhD, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer





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Our Team

An advocate for clients and their families

Lisette Cooper, CFA, PhD

Lisette Cooper, CFA, PhD

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer

Leonard Lewin, JD

Leonard Lewin, JD

Vice Chairman, Managing Partner, General Counsel

David S. Lynch, CFA

David S. Lynch, CFA

President, Managing Partner, Deputy Chief Investment Officer

William F. McCalpin

William F. McCalpin

Managing Partner, Impact Investments

Anne Marie Towle, JD

Anne Marie Towle, JD

Managing Partner, Private Client Services and Wealth Strategies

Kate Huntington

Kate Huntington

Managing Director, Research

John H. Tyler

John H. Tyler

Managing Director, Foundations and Endowments

Melissa Mattison

Melissa Mattison

Chief Operating Officer

Dana O'Brien, JD

Dana O'Brien, JD

Vice President, Deputy General Counsel; Chief Compliance Officer

Tyler Rodday

Tyler Rodday

Vice President, Private Client Services


Providing a customized, comprehensive and caring customer experience


Through understanding each client's needs, objectives and risk tolerance, we create individually tailored portfolios.


Our open architecture yields an expansive universe of investment options across all global asset classes.


Exceptional service is characterized by diligent portfolio management, insightful communication, and our desire to anticipate client needs.

Our Investment Approach

The customized portfolio incorporates three distinct sources of returns

Diversification and compounding returns anchor our long-term investment philosophy and underpin our approach to strategic asset allocation. Tactical asset allocations capitalize on short-term market inefficiencies and help protect portfolios against downside market risk. And as a manager of managers, instrument selection is informed by quantitative and qualitative analysis and enabled through our access to top managers across asset categories. ...More

As a firm, we participate in over 500 manager meetings each year, across all of the global asset classes, to build a knowledge base and network that allows us to bring to clients the forward-thinking ideas and strategies tailored to their needs.
Kate Huntington, Managing Director, Co-Head of Research

Our Insights

Sound judgment backed by in-depth analysis


Impact Investing: History & Opportunity

Impact Investing: History and Opportunity reviews the sometimes confusing terminology that proponents and practitioners of this new investment approach use and then introduces various strategies that are available across asset classes.


Banker & Tradesman Profiles Athena's William McCalpin

The article, “Meeting Impact With Investment,” noted that one of McCalpin’s goals is to draw from the firm’s experience over the past ten-plus years to contribute a thoughtful perspective to broader discussion of impact investing.


Athena's Strategic Asset Allocation Model - Lisette Cooper

As an independent firm with unrivaled access to leading investment managers across multiple asset classes, we construct customized portfolios aligned to clients' investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.
David Lynch, CFA, President and Deputy CIO