Athena’s Impact Investment Strategy Profiled by Private Equity Analyst

In early January, Dow Jones’ Private Equity Analyst profiled Athena Capital Advisors’ impact strategy, highlighting both the evolution of the market over time as well as Athena’s ten-plus years building both its program and track record in the burgeoning impact and ESG investment space.

"There are opportunities coming out of the woodwork, and you have to be very selective," Athena’s Kate Huntington, told Private Equity Analyst Assistant Managing Editor and Wall Street Journal reporter Laura Kreutzer, who authored the article. "There are a lot of new managers and hybrid structures and little track record many times. You have to think about it with an ‘emerging manager’ hat on, and you have to think about their skills set and track record."

The profile highlighted that roughly 25% of Athena’s clients incorporate impact investments into their portfolios, and noted that client exposure can range from investments in public equity fund managers to private equity or venture capital fund investments as well as direct investments in companies designed to meet clients’ specific objectives in the category.

The full article can be found here.

Kate Huntington is a Managing Director and Co-Head of Research and Manager Selection at Athena. In addition to Kate, Athena Vice Presidents Michael Lear and Alex Paul, who oversee impact and ESG-related investments on behalf of their clients, were also quoted in the article.