JUNE 2017

AlphaQ Discusses Athena's New Research with Jeff Finkelman

Athena Capital Advisors’ Jeff Finkelman was featured in the June issue of AlphaQ, offering commentary around the growing interest in impact investments and Athena’s latest research, “Building Impact Portfolios.”

In the article, “The Art of Making an Impact”, Beverly Chandler writes that impact investing is starting to experience growing interest as larger players enter the space and as investors increasingly seek to align their investments with their passions and beliefs.

Finkelman, speaking to the drivers behind Athena’s recent research paper, noted that investors are recognizing that impact strategies can be incorporated across a diversified portfolio. “The reality is that a lot of the attention in impact investing is focused on individual deals,” he described. “Our motivation for writing the paper was to share our thoughts on how investors can build balanced portfolios out of those individual deals.”

The article also examines how investors can achieve both financial and social returns through impact investing strategies, and references Athena’s research.

Read the full article here

Jeff Finkelman is a Research Associate, Impact Investments, at Athena, where he concentrates on ESG and impact investing across all asset classes. He joined Athena from the U.S. Small Business Administration, having served as an investment officer within the SBA’s Office of Investment and Innovation. The research paper that was cited in the AlphaQ article can also be found directly, here.