Athena’s David Lynch and Jeff Finkelman Discuss Impact Investing in ThinkAdvisor

On February 18, 2016, ThinkAdvisor profiled Athena Capital Advisor’s impact investment strategy in an article that included commentary from David Lynch, President, Managing Partner and Deputy CIO of Athena and Jeff Finkelman, Research Associate, Impact Investing, at the firm.

“The scales are starting to tip… In the early days you had to give up some return if you wanted to do this. Now the scales are at least equally balanced,” David Lynch told Senior Reporter Bernice Napach.

Jeff Finkelman further noted that the walls between philanthropy and impact investing are starting to break down. “As the industry matures, people are starting to see it more as a spectrum rather than separate segments,” he described.

Read ThinkAdvisor’s full coverage here.

David Lynch oversees all of Athena’s investment management and business functions, with particular focus on integrating strategy across asset classes, prioritizing research initiatives, and addressing client-specific requests. As a member of the Investment Committee, he helps guide Athena’s asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction processes. David has been a key contributor to Athena’s business leadership and growth since joining the firm in 2004.

Jeff Finkelman focuses on socially-responsible, ESG and impact investing across all asset classes. Working closely with Athena’s Portfolio Managers, Jeff helps identify and assess investment opportunities that align with client values or which have the potential to generate positive impact in areas of interest to clients.