MAY 2016

Athena's David Lynch Featured in Bloomberg Q&A

In May, Bloomberg Brief on Sustainable Finance featured a conversation with Athena President and Deputy Chief Investment Officer David Lynch in a Q&A. Lynch discussed Athena’s recent research paper, “Post-Modern Portfolio Theory: Theory to Practice” and other recent trends in the impact investing space.

The article “Q&A: Social and Emotional Risk-Adjusted Returns Can Make an Impact” highlighted Athena’s approach to impact investing and why wealth advisors should consider the social implications of investments when crafting portfolios geared toward the highest risk-adjusted returns.

“Not every investor is targeting the same values, principles, and missions. But by creating a framework [through a] quantitative system, it allows you to create a platform that can standardize the portfolio construction across a variety of different goals,” Lynch told Bloomberg reporter Justin Morton. The article was published on May 26, 2016.

Read the Bloomberg Brief on Sustainable Finance here.

David Lynch oversees all of Athena’s investment management and business functions, with particular focus on integrating strategy across asset classes, prioritizing research initiatives, and addressing client-specific requests. As a member of the Investment Committee, he helps guide Athena’s asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction processes. David has been a key contributor to Athena’s business leadership and growth since joining the firm in 2004.