MARCH 2017

Athena's Jeff Finkelman Discusses Impact Investing Opportunities with InvestmentNews

Athena Capital Advisors’ Jeff Finkelman discussed sectors where investors may find impact opportunities in light of President Trump’s proposed policy changes in a recent article in Investment News.

The article, “Impact Investing in the age of President Trump”, was published on March 5. In the article, reporter John Waggoner describes the impact investing outlook among advisers and how their investment strategy may change in light of President Trump’s proposals, and public commentary surrounding the EPA, the Paris Agreement and other regulatory issues.

“The big impediment there is data,” Finkelman explained, speaking specifically to one of the challenges confronting impact investors exploring emerging market investments. “It’s not as good and the reporting isn’t as consistent as it is in the developed world.”

The full article can be found here.

Jeff Finkelman is a Research Associate, Impact Investments, at Athena, where he concentrates on ESG and impact investing across all asset classes. He joined Athena from the U.S. Small Business Administration, having served as an investment officer within the SBA’s Office of Investment and Innovation.