Athena's Jeff Finkelman Gives Impact Investing Overview in Banker & Tradesman

On August 28, Banker & Tradesman published an article, “Measuring Up,” that discusses the growing interest in impact investing and strategies to track and quantify the social good created by those investments. The article featured commentary from Athena Capital Advisors Research Associate Jeff Finkelman, who provided an overview of the impact investing space and how it has become more accessible to investors in recent years.

“What’s different now is that it’s becoming much more of a mainstream idea,” Finkelman told Banker & Tradesman reporter Laura Alix. “[It’s] something that’s just not in the purview of a mission-oriented organization, but something that all investors can partake in and pursue and not necessarily have to sacrifice financial returns.”

Banker & Tradesman is a Boston-based weekly publication covering banking, finance and real estate in Massachusetts. Read the full article here.

With more than a decade of experience in impact investing, Athena has established a successful track record in helping clients align their investment portfolios to their social values. The firm accomplishes this through a systematic and reportable approach that meets the needs of a variety of constituencies.

Jeff Finkelman focuses on socially-responsible, ESG and impact investing across all asset classes. Working closely with Athena’s Portfolio Managers, Jeff helps identify and assess investment opportunities aligned with specific client values.