Athena’s Lisette Cooper Featured in Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Report

In early November, Athena Capital Advisors’ Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer Dr. Lisette Cooper provided commentary that was featured as part of the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Report. The article, “A Year-End Game Plan for Investors,” highlighted potential strategies for investors in an increasingly uncertain and volatile market.

“We see continued volatility and reasons for concern, but not reasons for taking all of your money out of the market,” Cooper told the reporter, Michael A. Pollock. She added that while there is still a significant role for ETFs and index funds in a diversified portfolio, “there are going to be some great opportunities for certain individual stocks, whose valuations will likely be dragged down with the broader market.”

The article also highlighted strategies around rebalancing, mitigating risk, and harvesting losses and gains ahead of the New Year.

Read the full article at here.

Athena’s philosophy around family wealth management is based on the institutional endowment model, espousing diversification across asset classes as being essential to managing and preserving family wealth over multiple generations.

Dr. Lisette Cooper founded Athena in 1993. As CEO, she sets the firm’s overall direction and leads Athena’s Investment Committee. Prior to founding Athena, Lisette served as Manager of Consulting Services for Barra Inc., now MSCI Barra.