JUNE 2018

Forbes Cites Athena Capital’s Research in its Coverage of New Impact ETF and Growth of Socially Responsible Investing

In a June 25, 2018 article titled, “Can An ‘Impact ETF’ Drive Social Change?,” Forbes contributing writer Martin Whittaker notes that socially responsible investing has exploded in recent years. Citing Athena Capital’s October 2017 Landscape Review, “Passive SRI & ESG Investing in Public Equity Markets,” Whittaker notes that “Athena Capital Advisors estimated that since the first SRI & ESG ETF was launched in 2005, more than 50 new products have been launched, attracting over $6 billion on inflows.”

However, while the scale of socially conscious investing has swelled, Whittaker questions whether asset owners can truly have an impact with listed equity investments. Whittaker believes they can. In fact, his organization, JUST Capital, recently helped launch an ETF “designed to invest in companies that are driving positive change for workers, customers, communities, and the environment.”

The article highlights the ways in which Whittaker and JUST Capital believe that socially-motivated investing can promote a more just marketplace. For example, ss more capital flows into SRI strategies, companies will be incentivized to do better and will receive clear signals from the marketplace that there is a “business case” for corporate leadership on ESG issues.

The full article can be read here.