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  February 2014


Impact investing is investing with the intent to earn a financial return while creating a positive social impact consistent with an investor's core values. Impact investing is one of several values-based investment techniques that lie along a continuum between traditional risk/return based investing and philanthropy. One of the most important recent developments in this field is the increasing number of investment opportunities that are structured to earn both a market rate of return and provide impact, as this type of structure is appealing to a much broader audience than values-based investments with limited returns. In effect, these investments lie on a new "efficient frontier" in investing that encompasses risk, return, and values-based impact.


August 2013


by Lisette Cooper, CFA, Ph.D.

In today’s volatile and complex investment environment, it's not easy to gather the talent and resources needed to manage investment portfolios successfully. Research suggests that you need at least $2 billion in investable assets to hire your own Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and investment team to build a portfolio that takes advantage of the latest techniques for prudently balancing risk and return. Athena believes it is important to identify the right investment management model from the five most common models for endowments, foundations and families of significant wealth. The newest model, the Outsourced CIO, is of particular interest as a potential way for smaller organizations to produce strong, competitive, risk-adjusted returns.


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2013: Athena's New Fund Investments
Athena Capital invests two $1 million, five-year loans on behalf of its
clients, in the Bridge Fund to assist UNICEF in the Nigeria polio immunization campaign.
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