Wealth Advisor

JUNE 2019

Revisiting Earnings and Earnings Multiples as Drivers of the Equity Markets

Doug Cohen, managing director, portfolio management, began the year with a "20 Questions" (and Answers) market overview that covered pertinent capital market issues for 2019. Doug revisits these issues, returning with the two variables that determine equity prices: earnings and earnings multiples.

MAY 2019

Quiz: How Impactful is Compounding in Your Portfolio?

With markets already retracing their steep losses in 4Q18, the market noise and daily chatter can pose a challenge to long-term investment decisions. Erick Rawlings, managing director, research, presents a strategy-based scenario illustrating the power of compounded investments.

APRIL 2019

ESG and Impact Investing: Q1 2019 News Highlights

Bill McCalpin, managing partner, impact investments, provides an overview of the latest news coming out of the impact investing industry. This quarter's roundup highlights new growth for ESG strategies, commissioned research on the state of diversity in the U.S. asset management industry, and the dreams and shortcomings of the Opportunity Zone investment program.

APRIL 2019

What to Watch: Interest Rates, Inflation, and Earnings

Doug Cohen, managing director, portfolio management, revisits his analysis of the likelihood of interest rate hikes in 2019 as posed in his “20 Questions” blog series. Also on his radar: inflation and earnings have reached key inflection points.

APRIL 2019

Investing in a Country where the “Rules Don’t Always Apply”

Alex Chown, research associate, shares his observations and takeaways on investing in Chinese companies. Spending time in mainland China helped deepen Alex’s understanding of China’s (still) tremendous growth potential and future challenges the country faces as it transitions away from the debt-driven, fixed-asset economic model that drove growth in the past.