Wealth Advisor

MAY 2020

Investing When There’s No Playbook: 5 Questions to Assess the COVID-19 Market Environment

As the repercussions of COVID-19 evolve, many investors have come to terms with the fact that there is simply no normal playbook for a market defined by a pandemic. With that in mind, Doug Cohen, managing director, portfolio management, delves into the broad parameters of five questions that are particularly pertinent, including the timeline for a medical breakthrough, emergence of a new paradigm, and the market and Fed’s place in economic recovery.


In Search of Quality-Compounder Companies in the Asian Equity Markets

US equity multiples are at historically elevated levels. With the S&P 500's impressive 30% return in 2019, a majority of that return derived from multiple expansion. As global investors, the Athena Research team wondered whether there might be a market where the potential for shareholder value creation is comparable to that of the US, but with more favorable valuations?


Part II: Record Economic Expansion and Reduced Recession Indicators Drive Consensus Views for 2020

In the second and final synopses of his market outlook, Doug Cohen, managing director, portfolio management addresses lingering consensuses surrounding geopolitical shocks, overseas market performance, stocks and earnings, and trade policy concerns.


Diversity and Inclusion: Not Optional

Anna Kastrilevich, senior research associate, explores how promoting workplace diversity and inclusion can have material business consequences beyond the value of taking a moral stance.


Capitalizing Culture As An Asset

In an industry focused on developing variant perceptions, most investors tend to create variance through interpretations of quantifiable metrics—brushing off intangible factors as immaterial to financial success. Alex Chown, Research Associate, states that through this approach, it’s common for investors to overlook the affect the impact culture has on the directional success or failure of an organization—potentially giving an advantage to those that do.